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Skara Brae, the Heart of Neolithic Orkney


Several years ago we watched ‘A History of Britain’ by Simon Schama to get an idea of places we wanted to visit on our 2014 UK trip. This BBC documentary begins in the stone-age village of Skara Brae. It immediately went down on our bucketlist but unfortunately it was located too far north for our first UK trip. Fast forward to our second UK trip and this UNESCO World Heritage Site made it to the must-do on our itinerary list.

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A Poopy Walk to Keiss Castle


A picturesque 16th-century tower house sitting precariously on the edge of a sea-cliff caught our eyes as we were driving from John O’ Groats to our hotel. Naturally this warranted a stop and investigation. Not being locals we couldn’t find the access point to this mysterious castle so being the expeditioners that we are, decided to hike through the farm field scattered with cow-pies. OH POOP.

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