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Cascadian Farms Organic


Like clockwork, every work-day morning, my husband has Cascadian Farms Organic cereal for breakfast. It’s good stuff, although as Washingtonians we may be biased –yes we still call ourselves that even though we’re currently Arizonans. One day, I glanced at the back of the cereal box and saw that Cascadian Farms has a home farm you can visit! Upon further research, we learned they sell home-made ice cream! We basically talked about visiting the farm for a whole year before we finally made the trip out to Rockport, Washington.

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Port Gamble, the Quaintest New England Inspired Town in Washington State


Tucked into a quiet corner of the Kitsap Peninsula, Port Gamble is easy to miss. It’s just off of highway 104 and takes all of 30 seconds to zip by. It’s easy to miss when you have places like the Hoh Rainforest and Rialto Beach ahead of you. But after exploring the Olympic Peninsula, we decided to stop by the quaint lumber town of Port Gamble instead of heading straight home.

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Flintstone’s Bedrock City in Williams, Arizona

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