Road trip tips from Americans for driving in Great Britain -

Driving in Great Britain: Road Trip Tips From an American Perspective

Everyone has their own preferred traveling pace; for us, it's ...
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RMS Mülheim shipwreck along the Coastal hike at Land's End, Sennen, Cornwall, England, UK - American Expeditioners

Hiking Land’s End to Sennen

Land's End is mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point. About a ...
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Stonehenge stone circle, Amesbury, England, UK - American Expeditioners


Stonehenge actually wasn't that high on our list of things ...
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White Cliffs of Dover near the Ferry to Calais, England, UK - American Expeditioners

White Cliffs of Dover

Despite the rain, fog and mud I was determined to ...
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Roman tunnel and cannons at Dover Castle, England, UK - American Expeditioners

The Key to England: Dover Castle

On our 4th day in the UK, we drove an ...
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Tower of London, England - American Expeditioners

Iconic England: The Tower of London

We spent our 3rd day in London exploring Her Majesty's ...
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Americans Road Trip through Great Britain - Exploring England and Scotland in 2 weeks -

Road Trip Great Britain: Exploring England & Scotland in 2 Weeks

I'm not sure how it was managed, but we've just ...
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