Maybe it was cabin fever that spurred us on, but despite not being properly geared for the snow, we decided to trek all the way to Heather Lake. This nearly 4.2 mile round trip probably would've been a lot faster and easier if the snow hadn't been knee deep.

Depth of snow hole on hiking trail to Heather Lake, AZ

But we had fun navigating and digging ourselves out of holes.  This was probably a stupid thing to do considering one of us could've broken a leg...  but we were pretty intent on getting to the lake.  We passed very few people and at times, the trail got a bit eerie and hard to follow with the snow quickly covering up the trail and previous tracks.

View from Heather Lake, WA

Streams on the snow covered trail to Heather Lake, WA
Streams were still running across the trail despite the freezing temperatures. Areas of the stream were frozen here and there.

View from Heather Lake, WA

Moss covered trees on the trail to Heather Lake, WA

View from Heather Lake, WA

View from Heather Lake, WA

View from Heather Lake, WA
When we got to the lake, there were a few other people sitting along the banks and enjoying the view of the mountains. The lake was frozen and covered in snow.

After resting and consuming a few snacks, we headed back. We heard what we thought was a bear growling but fortunately didn't see any.

Leonids pooped out after hiking to Heather Lake, AZ
Not even 5 miles round trip but it was tiring navigating through the snow!

Coordinates: 48.0827, -121.77487
Miles: 4.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,1100

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